"Hecker's songs are often a treat to the ear... a wonderful blend of clever wordsmithing married to just the right melodies -- melodies that you can hum and sing the words to.”

William Menezes
(Ovation Magazine)

"All through was the excitement of hearing a piece never before heard,
and something that sounded like real music, something that could last."

Dave Eisenstadter
(Monadnock Ledger-Transcript)

“These songs contained elements of beauty and charm in the modern idiom, a style that injects moments of dissonance into themes of rare tonal brilliance... passages that are lush, many of them inordinately beautiful with some that are brooding and melancholy."

Wayne Smith
(Greenfield Recorder)

“... the previous Bach, Brahms, Beethoven tryst proved [top-notch], refreshing us with the premiere of a chimerical, delicately wrought, rhythmically inventive cello sonata by Pioneer Valley composer Zeke Hecker. "

Joseph Marcello
(Greenfield Recorder)

" … I've seen many productions at Actors Theatre Playhouse, and never been disappointed ... 'Now And Then' in July was amazing; a minimally staged version of a musical still being written, interesting story, believable characters, unexpected plot twists, intelligent dialogue and lyrics, and catchy music that stayed with me for hours."

(from Tripadvisor)